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Meet Edward Beavis, Co-Founder of Glue, as he tells us his story behind the agency

June 30, 2023

Over the last year, business partners Edward Beavis and James Queally have been working hard to build their social media agency – Glue. With a mission to approach social media marketing in a new light, Edward sat down to explain what drove their vision for the company and to tell us more about the ‘Glue’ way. 

What made you decide to set up a marketing agency?

Well, James has actually been in the marketing game for around 10 years, working with established companies and musicians to produce content and run campaigns. In turn, I love the culture around start-up businesses, and I get a real buzz from the idea of being able to help them on their journey.

The agency idea came from James. He actually approached me in September 2022 for help as he knew that I had experience in building start-ups. From there, we eventually decided that building an agency with a focus on start-up companies would be a great idea – that's how Glue came around.

Why did you decide to place a focus on social media?

I think almost everyone is now aware of how important social media has become. Like most people, my interest in social media started from wanting to see what my friends were up to back in the early days when Instagram was released. Later on, though, as I got into photography and film and realised all the different ways to put content out across YouTube and other platforms – I think that’s where my real passion began.

What is your biggest motivation in the marketing world?

Working closely with brands that we love is what really drives us. We love all digital projects, and we love being able to help brands find their identity and purpose online.

So many companies out there don’t use social media to its full potential and don’t apply the right strategies for their brand; using our network and the knowledge we have gathered to really change how a brand is perceived online is what we love. 

What would you say is your company mission?

We want to be the leading, go-to agency for start-ups. We want founders to come to us because we can help boost their growth. We want to build a fantastic community of creatives and we want to create the very best and most engaging content possible for each and every one of our clients. 

What do you think sets Glue apart from other agencies?

Our brave approach to social media for sure. We’re not scared to do things differently or take risks, it’s embedded in our DNA as a company that we always want to try and do things differently. That’s what I truly believe will set us apart from the other agencies in the future.

What do you love most about the Glue team?

We love our team here at Glue. We have taken our time to build a great network of creatives that are all passionate about our vision – and I think that is really special. We have a large group of Gen-Z's on the team who I think really inject that fresh young perspective.

I think the work we are producing at the moment for our current clients really reflects this and the approach we are taking towards content really showcases our abilities.

Now that Glue has launched, what does the future hold?

I guess it’s impossible to know what the future holds for us. We certainly have a very long road ahead with lots of obstacles to overcome. Throughout this process, I have realised more and more just how hard it is to run a digital creative industry – but it hasn’t put us off. 

We love the work we get to do, and we are all extremely passionate about the projects we get to work on. I am certain that this passion will drive us to a prosperous future. The beauty of it all is that we get to share this mission with wonderful clients that are also starting out; clients that all have big aspirations of where they want to take their business – just like us.

I guess my vision is that we all get to celebrate in the future and look back on all the obstacles we had to overcome and all of the wonderful things we achieved together.

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